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The Overseas Social Security is a directorate of the National Social Security Office (NSSO).

It offers social insurance (pension, insurance for work incapacity and disability, etc.) to expats who are affiliated with the OSS and work in a country outside the EEA(New window), Switzerland or the united Kingdom.

Our mission: to provide expats with the security of home

You are going to work outside the EEA, Switzerland or the United Kingdom but you want to be able to count on reliable social protection. It's possible! Set off abroad with peace of mind: join the Overseas Social Security.

Our social security

We offer you cover which is comparable to that of the Belgian social insurance, even in countries where the social security is limited.

  • A basic insurance (the 'General Scheme'):
    • A retirement and survivor's pension,
    • Illness and disability insurance, and
    • A deferred insurance policy for health care.
  • Two supplementary insurance policies:
    • An insurance policy for medical care and
    • Insurance policies for workplace accidents and accidents in private life.

Your Belgian social insurance – as though you never left

The Overseas Social Security is a legal system anchored in the Belgian social security system. As such, you benefit from significant advantages when you join.

Quality, reliability, experience

We are at your service to arrange your reimbursements and answer your questions.

We handle your dossier with the utmost care, and in an impartial manner. Our services have almost 60 years of experience!

Retain your rights when you return to Belgium

Are you returning to Belgium? Then it is a bit like you never left. After all, you have always remained connected with to the Belgian social security system, and your reintegration will therefore be considerably easier.

Our vision: to help citizens and businesses realise their international dreams

Don't leave things to chance when pursuing your international dreams. The Overseas Social Security accompanies you and listens to your needs.

At the service of your project

Our products and services offer you the security you need to realise your dream of working abroad.

Whether you are a private individual or a company director, you will find comfortable and reliable social protection with us. Drawing on our expertise, we guide you in the complex world of social security.

We listen to you

The Overseas Social Security listens to your questions.

We continuously test our products and services against your needs. We are also open to cooperation with external partners to enhance our social role.

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