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Peggy Soetens
Peggy Soetens

Everyone dreams of winning the jackpot. But what if you actually do win it? Would you spend a lot of time travelling, purchase a new car, buy expensive jewellery and clothes? In short, would you change your whole life or just stay 'the same old me'? The answer would probably be different for each of us. Some could tell you immediately what they would do with a large sum of money, while others would have to take some time to think about it.

Personally, I’d put myself in the latter category. My life is going well: I’ve got a nice family, a nice house, a good job and pleasant colleagues. And I’ve also got a healthy body and mind. Surely that's everything anyone could wish for. Or is it not?

Perhaps you are among those who say: "I want to move to an exotic island or to the other side of the world and have new adventures."

Every day at Overseas Social Security, we come into contact with these adventurers. Many feel some trepidation when they leave for their new life and no doubt it won’t always be a bed of roses. But once you’ve taken that step, it’s difficult to turn back. Fortunately, the majority are happy with the decision they’ve taken. And whether they won the jackpot or not, a new adventure might just be the jackpot they're waiting for.

But what if that healthy mind or body starts to let you down? Or your children get sick? Maybe that's worrying you and it’s why you're afraid to take the big step.

Keep in mind that wherever you go to work in the world, you should always make sure you are still insured for your medical expenses. Only then can you set off with real peace of mind.

So if you choose to go to the other side of the world or to that exotic island, Overseas Social Security is there for you and will reimburse your medical expenses.

Thinking about early retirement? You can continue to build up your pension while you are working abroad.

If you are interested in our services, be sure to take a look at our Website. If you prefer to speak to someone who can help you make the right choices, our Frontline (+32 2 509 90 99) is there for you.

Would you like to share your travel experiences?

Are you an expat or do you know someone with an inspiring experience abroad? Please don't hesitate to contact us at overseas-expat@onssrszlss.fgov.be. And who knows, you might inspire future expats with your story.

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