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Whether you’re just starting your maritime education or are already studying towards an officer’s career, an internship at sea is essential for your training. As a marine student of the Antwerp Maritime Academy (AMA), you can join the Social Security Seafarers' Training Voyage to gain experience for the profession of seafarers.

What are the benefits of this training trip?

To be able to work as an officer on watch on board of a ship, you must be able to demonstrate 12 months of seagoing service. During your studies at the AMA, you will accumulate about 7 months of navigation time. This leaves 5 months that you can serve on your training voyage. Social Security for Seafarers will pay allowance to you.

Who is eligible?

Any marine student at the Antwerp Maritime Academy can participate - regardless of their nationality.

When can you take part in the training voyage?

You can embark on your training voyage during the entire calendar year. However, we recommend to do it in your holidays or periods when you don’t have classes.

What steps do you need to take?

  1. complete the maritime education at the Antwerp Maritime Academy (AMA).
  2. go to the Royal Belgian Shipowners‘ Association website(New window) and look for a Belgian shipping company where you can gain experience.
  3. submit your training voyage contract and your application for registration on the seafarers' Pool list via Social Security for Seafarers digital counter(New window).
  4. after your training voyage, send your ‘Certificate of Service’ via the digital counter. The appointed paying agent will pay your allowance.
  5. start your career as an officer at sea without restrictions.

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