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«Frontline», «Customer contact»,... You may have heard these words while being in touch with our services. But who are these people who process your requests?

Since more than a year our services have been reshaped following an internal reform. Thus, by creating the Customer Contact department, we aim at processing all requests for affiliation, dependants' rights and the collection of premiums in a optimal way. In a nutshell, this department monitors requests and dossiers of our actively insured affiliants.

At the same time, we additionally created and integrated a new first-line team called «Frontline» in this department, with the aim of replying rapidly to all telephone inquiries and e-mails about anything related to Overseas Social Security.

These requests vary and cover a large number of fields. We may be dealing here with requests for information from future (prospects) affiliates or from affiliates participating currently in the scheme (certificates, health care rights of the policyholder and his dependants,...), from future pensioners (application for a pension, retirement pension) or from pensioners who are currently receiving a pension (payments, holiday pay, certificates of life,...). Describing the diversity of all calls would lead us too far but our team makes it a point of honour to reply to the different requests within the shortest possible time.

For this purpose, an experienced team of three French speaking and three Dutch speaking agents supervised by a team leader has been created. They evidently master our sometimes complex social security system but have also been briefed on all our procedures and computer programs with the sole aim of giving clear and complete answers.

You will have understood, the Frontline team can be considered somehow as the « Swiss knife » of the Overseas Social Security. It is enthusiastically available every working day from 08:30 a.m. to 05:30 p.m. Do you wish to contact the Frontline? You can do so by dialing +32 2 509 90 99 or by sending an e-mail to overseas@onss.fgov.be.

The Frontline Team: attentively at your disposal.

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