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More and more people want to earn some extra money by pursuing a complementary activity in the hospitality, care or retail sectors. In the past two years, the number of flexi-jobbers in Belgium has actually doubled. And a larger number of sectors are going to be taken into account in 2024. But what about expats? As a temporarily returning expat, can you participate in the flexi-job system and take advantage of these growing opportunities?

Yes, but under certain conditions.

  • Legally defined sectors

    Flexi-jobs are available in a number of legally defined sectors, including hospitality, retail, care and many more.

  • Employment requirement

    To be eligible for a flexi-job, as an employee, you must have worked at least four-fifths in the third quarter (T-3) prior to the quarter (T) in which you want to have a flexi-job.

  • The role of the NSSO

    If you have a flexi-job, your flexi-job employer will declare your employment to the NSSO by registering it in the online service Dimona.

    However, as the employment condition is only automatically checked for people working in Belgium (and therefore not for expats), your employer will receive a warning that the employment condition has not been met.

  • Warning and clarification

    It is important to note that a warning doesn't immediately mean that the expat hasn't met the employment condition.

What happens if your employer receives a warning?

If a warning appears in Dimona regarding your flexi-job, you should contact the Overseas Social Security (OSS) at overseas@rsz.fgov.be.

Once the issue has been reported, the OSS checks whether the expat has worked sufficient days in the relevant quarter (T-3). The NSSO will then issue a written approval or refusal.

If your employer receives written approval from the NSSO, the warning in Dimona will not automatically disappear. However, the warning can then be ignored.

What can you, as an expat, do?

You can also contact the NSSO directly to have your eligibility for a flexi-job assessed. Contact the OSS at overseas@rsz.fgov.be and they will determine whether you had sufficient days worked in the relevant quarter (T-3). The NSSO will then send you a written approval or refusal for the flexi-job.

Please note that the approval is only valid for the specific quarter for which it was issued. If you intend to pursue a flexi-job in the next quarter, you will have to reapply.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore the possibilities of a flexi-job and take advantage of this flexible way to increase your income. If you have any questions, please contact Overseas Social Security.

Would you like to share your travel experiences?

Are you an expat or do you know someone with an inspiring experience abroad? Please don't hesitate to contact us at overseas-expat@onssrszlss.fgov.be. And who knows, you might inspire future expats with your story.

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