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As I write this, the sun is shining, while playing hide-and-seek with the grey sky. We’ve had some nice weather and mild temperatures so far in our tiny country, and summer is but a few days away. Along come long walks, barbecues, picnics and lots of outings.

You are working all over the globe currently. You may enjoy eternal sunshine in one country, while in another one winter seems to last forever, or the rainy season is in full swing. June lies ahead, followed by two summer months and school holidays at the same time. You might take the chance to visit a neighbouring country or an exotic destination, or plan a return to Belgium or Europe to visit your children, parents or friends.

Did you know that you are covered for medical care anywhere in the world, if you have an insurance contract? Yes, indeed, anywhere in the world. Whether you travel hitchhiking, on foot, by plane or by car, you’re always covered for medical care, wherever you go.

If you return to Belgium for a while, your medical expenses are covered according to the scales of the NIHDI (National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance) (INAMI in French). In other words, reimbursement is provided in the same way as if you were affiliated to a Belgian health insurance fund. If you travel outside Belgium, in Europe or another country, 75% of your actual costs will be reimbursed. So you are free to choose a hospital, doctor or specialist. The OSS has no exemption or cap on the amounts reimbursed. We’re sure you are trying to keep the costs reasonable, since you still have to pay 25% yourself.

I can imagine you are thinking ‘For me, fine, but what about my family? They also travel with me, do an internship abroad or are on holiday. My partner/spouse is only coming back to visit the family'. No worries! Any family member recognised as a dependent is also covered by the OSS, whether they travel with you or not. Children are covered up to the age of 18, and even up to 25 if they are still studying. Kind reminder for forgetful parents: for children over 18, you provide us with an annual certificate showing that your child regularly attends school.

Does your child, partner or cohabiting partner need a certificate of cover to travel? Then contact Frontline (+32 2 509 90 99 or overseas@rsz.fgov.be) for a certificate of insurability.

Ready for departure? Enjoy the holidays!

Would you like to share your travel experiences?

Are you an expat or do you know someone with an inspiring experience abroad? Please don't hesitate to contact us at overseas-expat@onssrszlss.fgov.be. And who knows, you might inspire future expats with your story.

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