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Expats affiliated with the Overseas Social Security (OSS) usually communicate with the OSS through online channels such as email, phone or online forms. However, many expats still prefer to send their invoices by post.

When you send your expenses from a Member State that is not part of the European Economic Area, you need to take into account certain factors to ensure smooth shipping and avoid additional costs. So, we would like to clarify once more the best way to send your documents to the OSS.

Send documents by post

If you want to send your expenses or receipts by post, you should do this by letter mail and not as a parcel. For example, an application for reimbursement of medical expenses, including the necessary supporting documents, should be sent as a letter. Furthermore, it is best not to mention amounts or a tariff code on the packaging, as this may incur additional costs. It is sufficient to batch your invoices.

Address information and tracking

It is also important to check your address details carefully to avoid delays, losses or returns. In addition, using tracking information to follow the shipment is crucial to be kept aware of any problems that may arise during the shipping process.

Use the online form

You can also use our online forms to apply for a contribution towards your medical expenses, for example.

More information can be found on our website.

Taking these important points into account can significantly reduce the risk of complications when sending and receiving mail from abroad.

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